I am a Virginia-certified Notary Public.
My Virginia Notary Registration number is: 7752824
My Notary Commission expires: 31 May 2022
My National Notary Association ID number: 160517455

Michael Spencer Balensiefer


What is a Notary and what are their powers in Virginia?

  • A notary is a public official appointed by the Governor
  •  A Virginia notary MAY notarize a document to be used outside of VA
  •  A notary must be satisfied with the identity of the person whose signature is being notarized
  •  A notary cannot certify birth, marriage, or death certificates and is NOT authorized to perform marriages or acts that constitutes practice of Law

We help you design the life you want.FYI, there are seven (7) items required for the notary to state on each document being notarized:

1. The name of the county (city) in which the document is signed.
2. The date the document is signed.
3. The notarial statement (what is being notarized).
4. The notary’s signature.
5. The date that the notary’s commission expires (month, day, year).
6. The Notary’s registration number.
7. A photographically-reproducible notarial seal (stamp).

Do you need a NOTARIZATION?:


  1.  State-approved identification
  2.  Your Self
  3.  Payment

I offer notarizations by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

I ask the requestor:
  1. Is it just you, or witnesses?
  2. Is any another party’s signature required on the form/forms?


$10 for the first two notarizations, if I am to commute outside my office

$5 for each notarizatrion thereafter

$20 fee (minimum) for outcalls.

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